Hosting & Domain Management 1 Year

The server your website will be hosted on 24/7. Includes Solid State Drive storage and CloudFlare Content Delivery Network, cPanel Control Panel, Unlimited Email Addresses and Unlimited MySQL Databases.

Web Design

Design work on the website. This involves configuring your website theme, layout, and customizing style sheets.

Web Development

Back end development of website. Configuring servers and MySQL database, domain registration, DNS mapping, installation of Wordpress.

Custom EmailSSL SecurityBackup ServicesFace Book IntegrationContact Forms

Application Configuration

Configuration of Apps to be used on your website. eg: A restaurant reservations system. Please describe any added apps or features you would like on your website.


Search Engine Optimization.

Google MyBusiness

Configure your business with Google. See reviews, business hours, and your storefront on Google maps.

Google Analytics 1 Year

Receive monthly reports by Google detailing trends and information about your website traffic such as how long people spend on your site, the links used to get to your site, and other information about visitors.

AdMob or AdWords

Google's advertising services.